Current IFAFA Member Groups

IFAFA has many participants throughout the United States and Canada. The following groups are current members of IFAFA. Some of their web sites may currently be under construction - if you'd like information about a group which does not yet have a web site link, please send a message to Mark DeSanctis, President of IFAFA.

If you are a performing group or supporting organization, and do not see your name listed, please be sure to Join IFAFA!


Questa pagina in italiano.

Amici Italiani

Location: Rockford, IL
Email Contact: Rosie Sheridan


Location: Sacramento, CA
Email Contact: Doris Beckert

Cuor d’Italia

Location: Hartford, CT
Email Contact: Pauline Kavanagh

Gruppo Folcloristico Ricordi díItalia

Location: Waltham, MA
Email Contact: Ricordi d'Italia

Gruppo Il Trattenimento Italiano

Location: Des Moines, IA
Email Contact: Patricia Civitate

I Colori Italiani

Location: Dallas, TX
Email Contact: Maria Chobany

I Gagliardi Italiani

Location: Canton, OH
Email Contact: Alice Cleary

Il Coro Alpino

Location: Buffalo, NY
Email Contact: Please use the IFAFA Contact Form to learn more about this group

Il Quartiere Italiano

Location: San Francisco, CA
Email Contact: Jackie Capurro

Italian Cultural Society of Sacramento

Please click here to visit this organization's website.

Italian Folk Dancers of Madison

Location: Madison, WI
Email Contact: Raul De Luna

Please visit this group's website for more details!

San Giovanni Dancers

Location: Columbus, OH

Please visit this group's website for more details! 


Email: Ann Delaurentis 
Lancaster, PA 

Tarantella Dancers of St. Petersburg

Email: Rosalie Gallina 
St. Petersburg, FL 

Tradizione Vivente

Location: Milwaukee, WI 


Location: Philadelphia, PA
Email Contact: Ron Smith (

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A. Smiraglia, PA

M. Chabon, PA 

D. Frigo, CT

F. DiCristina Jr., GA

V. Tagliavore, CO

D. Desmond, PA

D. Bitzel, OH