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2015 Conference - Philadelphia
Friday evening get-acquainted dancing
Friday evening get-acquainted dancing
Saturday morning dance class
Saturday workshop "Making bombonieri"
Saturday workshop "Il Malocchio"
Festa Folcloristica - IFAFA Choir
Festa Folcloristica - Parade of Costumes
IFAFA Officers: Jackie Capurro, Rose Giarrusso, Joyce DeLaurentis, & Leslie Gigliotti
Festa Folcloristica - Performance of host group, Vivaci of Philadelphia
Festa Folcloristica - Dancing a quadriglia
2013 Conference - Boston
Dance Session 1
Dance Session 2
Taking a rest between dance sessions
Roger Marocco explains the history of Venetian mask-making
IFAFA Members create their own Venetian masks
IFAFA Members create their own Venetian masks
On the bus on the way to the Festa Folcloristica
IFAFA Dancers mingling with the community locals
Three Festa attendees modeling their mask creations
Conference attendees dressed in traditional Italian folk costumes
2011 Conference - Hartford.
Dance Workshop: la Tarantella Siciliana Sciacca Tamburello
Dance Workshop: Tarantella
Dance Workshop: Passamezzo
Workshop: Musical Tour of Italy
Festa! Italian costumes
Festa! Italian costumes
Festa - Passamezzo
Evening dancing
Evening Dancing
2009 Conference - Las Vegas.
Jaw Harp Workshop
David Marker
Dance Workshop
Tamburro Workshop
Tamburro Workshop
Festa dancing
Festa dancing
Festa dancing
Festa dancing
Conference attendees
2008 Conference - Sacramento.
One BIG panettone!
Il Trattenimento Italiano
Il Trattenimento Italiano
Il Trescone
Tradizione Vivente
Community dancing
Dancing into the evening
2007 Conference - Dallas.
Welcome to Dallas!
Welcome, y'all!
Business Meeting preparation
Dancers from Des Moines, Iowa
Enjoying the show.
Tradizione Vivente
Tarantella Fantasia
Conference attendees
2006 Conference - Milwaukee.
Bombonieri Workshop
Italian games
La Mazurca Piemontese
Dance workshop
Dance workshop
Musical talent
Il Trattenimento Italiano
Il Codigione
The future of IFAFA
2005 Conference - Des Moines.
The Italian-American Cultural Center (IACC) of Des Moines, Iowa
Display of Italian Music & Instruments
IFAFA Members explore the Cultural Center.
La Befana
La Befana distributes presents.
Children's Group performs
Costumed dancers
2004 Conference - Philadelphia.
Vivaci! performs the lively Tarantella Tasso.
Poster display of Italian Folk Costumes.
Poster display of Italian Christmas traditions.
Awards given to student participants.
Participants at the Festa Folcloristica join in La Pizzica.
All ages love to dance.
Waiting for the Parade of Banners
Il Codiglione
Il Codiglione
2003 Conference - Canton.
Dancers learn Il Laccio d'Amore.
Palm-weaving workshop.
Rosary-making workshop.
Diane De Gasparis and Gabriel Pelosi of I Gagliardi Italiani.
I Gagliardi Italiani sing traditional Italian folk songs.
Il Trattenimento Italiano from Des Moines
I Gagliardi Italiani of Canton
I Gagliardi Italiani
Festa Folcloristica
Festa Folcloristica
2002 Conference - San Francisco.
Plate created in the Piatti di Buon Ricordo workshop.
Plate created in the Piatti di Buon Ricordo workshop.
The IFAFA Choir singing Italian folk songs.
Il Quartiere Italiano of San Francisco performs la Tarantella Palermitana.
Lo Sciotis di Lucignano, performed by Il Quartiere Italiano.
Members of Balliamo! dance la Tarantella Siciliana.
The dancers of Philadelphia's Vivaci lead la Tarantella Montevergine.
Community dancing
Everyone joins in, dancing la Quadriglia.
Sicilian Cart
2000 Conference - Pittsburgh.
Anna Marie Fiori (second from left) and Gene Fedeli (third from right) teach participants to weave palm fronds.
Federica Calvino Prina, specialist in Italian Folk Dance, and Beppe Gambetta, folk musician.
Pittsburgh's I Campagnoli performing the Sicilian Whip Dance
Beppe Gambetta plays for Festa Folcloristica guests
1999 Conference - Milwaukee.
Lively tarantella in a dance workshop - Milwaukee
Banners of the Twenty Regions of Italy For Festa Folcloristica.
Tradizione Vivente - The Italian Dance Group of Milwaukee in performance