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You are invited to become a member of the Italian Folk Art Federation of America. Your membership and contributions enable IFAFA to:

  • Foster and preserve the folk arts of Italy in America;
  • Research Italian folklore, traditions, customs, costumes, dances, music, instruments, foods, etc.;
  • Act as a center for gathering and storing information and resources;
  • Encourage publication of related books, recordings, etc.;
  • Hold workshops and conferences;
  • Publish and distribute Tradizioni, the official newsletter of IFAFA;
  • Provide contacts for groups to perform in costume at educational and community events;
  • Train and provide leaders in Italian folk dances, songs, and other folk arts.

 We have simplified our dues structure and now offer two levels of individual membership. There is no longer a group membership level.

Individual age 21 or under                   @ $10.00/year

Individual 21 or older                           @ $20.00/year 

Please send your dues payment in the form of a check payable to “IFAFA” to IFAFA's Treasurer:


IFAFA Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 25957
Philadelphia, PA 19128


With your check, PLEASE include a note with your full name, address (with city, state and zip code), email address, phone number, and group affiliation (if any) so that we can update our database. THANK YOU!


 To join IFAFA,

please click on the JOIN NOW tag in the upper right corner of this page.


Please ignore the online payment options below.

They are outdated and non-functional.
Please pay your dues by snail-mail,
as described above. Thank you.


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Thank you for your contributions to IFAFA!

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