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IFAFA Members can find it in the Resource Library in the Members Only section. If you are an IFAFA Member, and you do not know how to access the Members Only pages, please email Jackie Capurro for further instruction.

As a member of IFAFA, you'll receive our newsletter, TradizioniTradizioni was inaugurated in the spring of 1980 to disseminate informative, in-depth, researched material on related topics, including (but not limited to) dances, songs, instruments, music, costumes, folktales, games, festivals, celebrations, crafts, recipes, as well as traditions and customs reflecting the life of our immigrant forebears and Italian ancestors. The range and scope of the material is educational, unusual and refreshing -- containing information that is not readily available elsewhere. The majority of articles are written in English, but most issues also have one article offered in both English and Italian. You may read a sample issue, below.

Tradizioni also allows IFAFA members and member troupes to share information on their recent and upcoming activities.

We accept original articles from outside sources on the aforementioned topics. If you'd like to receive a sample copy of Tradizioni, or if you have an article which you would like to have considered for publication, please contact: Jackie Capurro, Editor-in-Chief of Tradizioni.

To download a past issue of Tradizioni, please click:
Volume 32 -- 2013


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