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Tradizioni - Aprile, 2009

Dear IFAFA Members,

Since I last wrote you, several very important developments concerning IFAFA have taken place. I'd like to share these developments with you, and hope I can keep your attention until the final few paragraphs, where I will reveal the most important of them all - information regarding our upcoming IFAFA conference!

First, let me just express how extremely pleased I am at the number of responses I've received over the past few months in regards to our latest registration drive. This year, IFAFA has more than quadrupled the amount of revenue received via donations and dues over last year. Donations alone, from our most generous givers, reached an amount just under $1000! In these tough economic times, that level of giving far exceeded our expectations, and simply goes to show one thing - that the desire to preserve our Italian heritage is ultimately unaffected by life's challenges.

Along with the incoming registration cards, came several wonderful notes and letters from individuals wishing IFAFA well, expressing their gratitude to our organization for keeping the Italian culture so strong here in America. I'd like to thank those members for their positive message, and let them know that we will continue on that path for many years to come.

In related news, it is my pleasure to announce that IFAFA was recently awarded a $1000 mini-grant for its cultural work. This grant, presented unconditionally by the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit, affords IFAFA the ability to position itself as a more respected and valued authority on the subject of Italian folk arts. We will use this money towards research, as well as towards the launch of one of our new publications, soon to be released. On behalf of our organization, I would like to thank ASILM for their generous grant towards the good of IFAFA. Please visit their website, http://www.asilm.org/, for more information regarding this wonderful organization.  

Next, it is with great excitement that I announce to you, following many, many months of work, that our new website, http://www.italianfolkartfederation.org/, will be live within the next few weeks! This new website will provide unbridled functionality, allowing IFAFA to better control, organize, gather, and ultimately disseminate the vast amount of information held within our domain. This is not only a win for IFAFA - for its current position as well as future existence - but also a win for our members, who will now be only one click away from the immense amount of data - all kept up-to-date, and all contained under one single website. I urge you to visit the new site as soon as you finish reading this newsletter!

Finally, and most importantly, it is time to officially announce the location and dates of this year's IFAFA conference - this year, the conference will be held October 15th - 18th, in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada!!!

Meri DeLorenzo Howard, the coordinator of this year's events, has an absolutely thrilling agenda planned for the weekend. The events this year will cover 3 full days instead of 2, and will be hosted in the Riviera Hotel and Casino. IFAFA has secured a phenomenal hotel rate for this year - $99!!! The Riviera Hotel has recently undergone significant renovations, and the location - directly on the strip - easily made it our top pick for this year's facility.

Please visit our website - http://www.italianfolkartfederation.org/ - for more details. You can view preliminary planned workshops, register directly online, and keep up-to-date with information through the website's blogging and forum capabilities.

I sincerely hope you are planning to attend! Due to the very high level of interest this year, as well as a limited amount of available hotel space, it is my strong suggestion that you or your organization make hotel reservations TODAY! When booking, please book under the Italian Folk Art Federation of America name to get the special rate.

Once again, I thank you for your support of the Italian Folk Art Federation of America, and look forward to speaking with each and every one of you in the very near future!


Mark DeSanctis
Italian Folk Art Federation of America


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